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One of my favorite parts of this online “divorce community” is hearing other people’s stories. To see that people from all walks of life have felt my pain, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and came back from it, has been nothing short of inspirational. This is a series where guest bloggers will tell you their stories. I hope you find them inspirational, as well.

This is a story from a friend named, Rose. I think that so many people have felt her pain. With stories like this one, it’s good to realize that you aren’t alone.

“My divorce story is not yet finished. It is only just beginning, unfortunately.

I have suspected for quite some time that he has been looking elsewhere. Online chatting, unexplained whereabouts, and ignoring my children as well as me. We tried counselling because he had been bothered about not receiving any intimacy time. We went for two sessions and during that time he made me out as the villain in this story. In my defense, would anyone want to be in the mood for sex if their partner is constantly ignoring you or drunk?

I did some digging and caught his online messaging to several women and two of them he was seeing behind my back. I confronted him and he told me that he didn’t love me and wanted to be with someone else.

We were married for twelve and a half years. He said he has felt this way for two years. He wanted the house sold as soon as possible and my daughters and I moved out to live with my dad.

I have been a stay at home mom for the past eleven and a half years. So, I had no where else to go. He is now living with his friend “with benefits”. He rarely spends time with our daughters and has not been forthcoming with support either. We’ve been separated since May.”

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