Auld Lang Syne: or How I Spent New Year’s Eve as a Divorcee

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It started ok. I had food, family, and a few really good friends.

Then, I made the stupid mistake of checking my ex’s social media. She had a post reviewing the last year. She mentioned some of the good parts, but then mentioned how it was rough. There was a small chip shot at me, but I wasn’t mad at that.

What made me mad was that one of her friends congratulated her on taking out the trash (me). My ex laughed at the comment.

It’s hard to believe that someone you loved could laugh at someone calling your ex trash, publicly. I know this isn’t a huge thing, but it hurt, a lot.

Remember, she’s still screwing the guy who she cheated on me with. The guy who has a girlfriend.

I reached out to one of my recent divorce community friends and she got me smiling again.

The rest of the night wasn’t special. People kissed, dogs got into the food, and I feel asleep watching Roseanne.

This years, New Years Resolutions
1: Stop checking my ex’s social media. I don’t need to torture myself.
2: Plot My Revenge.
2: Learn to live my life free of her influence.
3: Fuck her best friend and/or sister.
3: Might still do that….

Happy New Years!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who participated in the #NYEKiss4All. This was a last minute idea, but a lot of lonely people got kisses this NYE because of you. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne: or How I Spent New Year’s Eve as a Divorcee

  1. You know what?!? Your resolution list had me spitting out my drink! OMG…funny, tragic and too real. I appreciate your honesty as a man dealing with Divorce. I don’t think Divorce Sucks…it’s actually the BEST thing that you can do to free yourself from a marriage that is killing you slowly…..365 days a year when you feel like every breathe you take is a ticking time bomb because you want to scream out how much you HATE certain things about the man/woman wearing that symbol of eternal commitment, aka the “ring” . So what I will say to you is this….. CONGRATS for loving yourself more than she could ever love you. LIVE your life free of her Emotional abuse and passive aggressive way of handling love, life & marriage. FUCK Divorce….then go find the love of your life..she may have viewed you as trash but you don’t have to accept her label ….you are a diamond in the rough…find a Beautiful expert craftman that knows how to take you with ALL your rough edges … smooth them out and polish your ego so that you can puff your cheat like a handsome peacock and be the man you were created to be. ENJOY 2018 in all it’s unchartered territory of excitment, joy and new love. Enjoy dating and getting to know all different types of women. Love yourself and be open to being loved by some amazing women. I wish you nothing but the BEST! Muah….

    1. Thank you, Keena! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my posts.

      Between you and me, I agree that divorce sucks in the long run, but sometimes it sucks now. Plus Divorced at Thirty, my original idea, was already taken!

  2. Wow! I’ve suddenly found my new favorite blog! I’m going to settle in and prepare for a binge!

    I had to block my ex’s social media- I kept torturing myself with “peeks”. Social media is all a lie anyway. I’ve been much happier not having to look at his smug mug!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      I agree with you. It was too much of a temptation for me to look and I knew that I was just shooting myself in the foot.

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